Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (Terms of Hire) constitute a binding legal contract between you and Regalia Craft Pty Ltd (ACN 008 697 603) (“us”). These Terms of Hire contain all of the terms and conditions regarding your hire of an item or items (“hire items”) from us via the website academicwear.com.au.

By clicking the “I agree to all Terms and Conditions” button you agree to these Terms of Hire and represent that you are authorised to use the chosen method of payment with the purpose of hiring the items on your order.

  1. Payment

    The hire fee payable by you is displayed when you select the items you wish to hire. Hire fees are stated in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST. You must pay the hire fees at the time of placing your order for the hire items.

  2. Item collection and return

    You must collect and return the hire items from/to us at your cost. The dates, times and place for collection and return of the hire items are set out in step 4 of the order process on our website. The “hire period” starts when you collect the hire items from us and ends when you return the hire items in accordance with step 4.

    If you have not returned any hire item to us within 5 days after the return date stated in step 4, we will consider the hire item as non-returned, and you must pay us the amount equal to the replacement cost of the hire item less the hire fee you have already paid. You authorise us to charge your credit card for that amount.

  3. Ownership and Damage

    Title to the hire items remains with us at all times. The hire items are at your risk during the hire period. You agree to take good and proper care of the hire items. We will not charge you for minor damage (for example, marks that will come out during the cleaning process) to any hire item.

    If any hire item is lost, stolen or damaged in excess of minor damage, whether or not that loss, theft, or damage is attributable to any deliberate act, negligence, failure, or omission by you, you must pay us the amount equal to the replacement cost of the hire item less the hire fee you have already paid and you authorise us to charge your credit card for that amount.

  4. Cancellation

    A cancellation fee will apply if you cancel your order. Please read the following information carefully.

    You can cancel the hire at any time prior to collection of your hire items by giving us notice by email at info@regaliacraft.com.au. If you cancel the hire, you can either:

    1. reschedule the hire, (for example, if your University reschedules your graduation ceremony) and we will supply you with the hire items for the rescheduled hire period; or
    2. cancel without rescheduling the hire, and you must pay us a cancellation fee of $25.

    If you wish to reschedule the hire, please tell us in your email.

    If you reschedule the hire, we will not refund you any part of the hire fees you have paid but we will not charge you any further hire fees for the new hire period (unless you wish to change your original order).

    If you cancel the hire without rescheduling, we will retain $25 of the hire fees you have paid and refund the balance to you.

    The $25 cancellation fee is payable regardless of your reason for cancellation, even if this reason is beyond your, or our, reasonable control (for example, if your graduation ceremony is cancelled or postponed for any reason, including any fire, earthquake, flood, storm, pandemic (including the COVID-19 pandemic), other act of God, change of laws, war, terrorist event, breakdown in plant or equipment, government action including any prohibition or restriction imposed by any governmental authority or industrial action).

    When you submit an order to hire items from us, we spend time, and incur costs (including cleaning and logistical costs), in arranging and preparing the hire items for hire to you. If you cancel your hire, we cannot recover this time or those costs. By submitting your order, you agree that the cancellation fee is reasonable to compensate us for the time we have spent, and the costs we have incurred, in arranging and preparing your order.

  5. Privacy Policy

    All personal information gathered by your use of our booking system will be used for the purpose of this order only, will remain private and will not be passed on to a third party (with the exception of your University for graduation reconciliation purposes only). We do not retain credit card details however we are able to make further charges to your credit card in accordance with these Hire Terms. Please refer to our Privacy Policy (available at https://academicwear.com.au/privacy.php) for more information on how we collect, use and share your personal information.